Strawberry Black Bottom Pie

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  • Approximate Yield: 48 – 8” pies
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BakeMark Products Used

Westco ultra rich creme cake mix (#11644 1/50 lb)
Westco gourmet brownie mix (#48240 1/50 lb)
Westco flavorful strawberry filling (#31614 1/38 lb)
Bakesense whipped topping (#11200 4/9 lb)
Bakesense mirror glaze neutral (#34004 1/15.4 lb)
Westco strawberryette (#12351 1/38 lb)

Alternate Products Used

Westco vanilla creme cake mix (#38260 1/50 lb)
Westco extra moist brownie mix (#48235 1/50 lb)
Westco strawberry danish filling (#51735 1/40 lb)
Trigal Dorado pastry topping (#06590 4/8.8 lb)
Westco strawberry extract (#17697 1/qt)



Prepare pie dough by combining 7 ½ LB Westco Ultra Rich Crème Cake Mix, 3 LB margarine and 2 ½ LB bread flour on low speed. Mix until well blended.Add 2 ¼ LB whole eggs and mix until smooth. Do not over mix. Refrigerate dough for two hours.

Mix some Westco Groumet Brownie Mix according to the directions on the bag for a small batch.


Remove dough from cooler. Divide into 5 oz. pieces. Roll into ¼” thick circles and place them in greased 8” pie pans.


Bake pie shells in a 340°F oven for 10-15 minutes until shells are golden brown in color.

Scale 4 oz. of prepared brownie batter (see recipe above) and fill each baked pie shell. Return to oven to bake for 10-12 minutes at 325-350°F depending on your oven type.


Let pies cool completely. Combine equal parts whipped BakeSense Whipped Topping and Westco Flavorful Strawberry Filling. Fill the remainder of the pie shells with this strawberry mixture. Smooth the tops and chill.

Prepare some strawberry glaze by gently combining ½ oz. Westco Strawberryette per 10 LB BakeSense Mirror Glaze RTU. When top of pie is firm, coat with strawberry glaze. Pipe a border of BakeSense Whipped Topping around the edges. Garnish with sliced strawberries.

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