Matterhorn Cookies

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  • Approximate Yield: 104 – 1 oz. pcs
  • Brownies, Cookies & Bars Gourmet & European Style
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BakeMark Products Used

Westco macaroon cookie mix (#09944 1/50 lb)
Westco vanilla dipping icing (#19529 1/45 lb)
Westco flake sweet coconut (#08779 1/10 lb)

Alternate Products Used



Combine 10 LB of Westco Macaroon Cookie Mix with 1 ½ LB of very hot tap water. Chopped nuts can be added if desired. Mix 1-2 minutes on low speed. Let batter stand 5 minutes so all ingredients can hydrate.


Using a pastry bag with a large tip, pipe cookies onto a paper lined baking pan forming tall mounts with a peak. Let the cookies rest an additional 15 minutes.


Bake them at 325°F for 10-15 minutes until they just begin to color.


After cookies have cooled, dip them in Westco Vanilla Dipping Icing heated to 110°F. Before the icing sets sprinkle them with Westco Flake Sweet Coconut.

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