Angel Food Rolls

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  • Approximate Yield: 65 – 4.75” rolls
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BakeMark Products Used

Westco magic angel food cake mix (#09923 1/25 lb)
Westco gourmet raspberry filling (#08273 1/38 lb)
BakeSense coconut crunch topping (#92295 1/5.5 lb)
Westco coating sugar (#09411 1/25 lb)
BakeSense gel apri nupage (#34001 1/30.8 lb)

Alternate Products Used

Westco danish raspberry filling (#51710 1/40 lb)



Mix the batter according to the directions provided on each bag of Westco Magic Angel Food Cake Mix for a full batch.


Scale 3 LB of batter. Deposit in an ungreased paper lined full sheet pan. The pan must be free of all fat or the cake will not rise. Spread batter evenly. Repeat with the remaining of the batter.


Immediately place in the oven and bake at 325-350°F in a convection oven for 8-10 minutes.


Let the cakes cool down completely. Remove the cake from the pan leaving the paper sticking to the cakes.

Spread 1 LB of Westco Gourmet Raspberry Filling uniformly over each cake.

Gently loosen the paper on the far edge. Start rolling the cake into a log by gently pulling the attached paper toward you. The paper will release as you pull.

Place the rolled up cake on a pan with the seam side down and place in the freezer.

Once the cake are frozen, remove then from the freezer. Cut the log into five equal pieces. Brush the pieces with BakeSense April Gel heated to 185°F. Immediately roll the pieces in BakeSense Coconut Crunch Topping or any other topping of your choice such as Red Velvet cake crumbs. Dust with Westco Coating Sugar.

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