Delivering only the best to you and your bakery, BakeMark proudly offers a wide-range of bakery ingredients, products and supplies. Whether you bake from scratch, or from mixes & bases or you prefer the convenience of frozen bakery products, BakeMark delivers what you need to ensure you can continue to satisfy your customers and grow your bakery.

Bakery Mixes:

Yeast Raised Donut Mixes & Bases
Cake Donut Mixes & Bases
Hi-Ratio Cake Mixes & Bases
Crème Cake Mixes
Specialty Cake Mixes
Danish, Croissant & Sweet Dough Mixes & Bases
Brownie Mixes
Muffin Mixes
Bread Mixes & Bases
Specialty Mixes & Bases
Sweet Bread Mixes
Cake Mixes
Bread Mixes
Tortilla Mixes


Hot Cocoa Mix
Non-Dairy Creamers

Breads & Bagels:



Chocolate Chips & Chunks
Chocolate Coating Blocks
Chocolate Couverture
Chocolate Decorations





Crèmes & Custards:

Bavarian Crème Fillings
Cream Cheese Fillings
Custard Powders


Yeast Raised Donuts (Thaw & Serve)

Dairy & Eggs:

Cream Cheese
Sweetened Condensed Milk
Eggs (Whole, Whites, Yolks)

Dough Conditioners:

Dough Conditioners

Flavors & Colors:

Fruit-O® Concentrated Flavors
Flavors, Concentrates, Emulsions & Extracts
Bakers Colors

Fruit Fillings:

Apple Fillings
Raspberry Fillings
Cherry Fillings
Strawberry Fillings
Pineapple Fillings
Lemon Fillings
Blueberry Fillings
Peach Fillings
Apricot Fillings
Blackberry Fillings
Prune Fillings
Piña Fillings
Mango Fillings
Guava Fillings

Fruits & Nuts:

Canned Pumpkin
Peanut Butters


Donut Glazes
Glitter Glazes
Mirror Glazes


Buttercream Icings
Dipping Icings
Fudge Icings (RTU & Bases)
Fondant Icings
Specialty Icings

Laminated Doughs:

Puff Pastry Sticks
Puff Pastry Filled Turnovers
Puff Pastry Bulk Dough (Squares, Sheets, Blocks, Slabs)
Danish Pastries
Danish Bulk Dough (Sheets, Blocks)
Croissants (Filled, Unfilled)
Croissant Bulk Dough (Triangles, Sheets)

Leavening & Yeast:

Fresh Yeast
Instant Dry Yeast
Sodium Bicarbonate
Baking Powder
Bakers Cream (Tartar)


Malt Syrups & Powders


Rosca de Reyes – Citron
Rosca de Reyes – Figs
Rosca de Reyes – Plastic Babies

Seeds & Spices:

Seeds & Spices

Shortenings, Oils & Margarines:

Baking Sprays
Shortenings, Oils & Margarines

Sugars & Sweeteners:

Confectioners Sugar
Coating Sugar
Corn Syrup
Decorating Sugars

Toppings & Fondants:

Rolled Fondants
Coconut Crunch
Whipped Toppings

Baking Supplies:

Pan Liners
Disposable Piping Bags
Poly Bakery Bags
Poly Sheet Covers
Poly Rack Covers
Bakery Tissue
Cake Boards & Circles
Red Baking Cups
Concha Stamps