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We have stood solidly behind this legendary line since 1928. Simply the best complete offering of bakery ingredients available anywhere. Westco is renowned in the baking industry for consistent quality. Time and again, you can trust Westco for the most consistent quality. Westco stands behind you as you proudly create the highest quality products to please your customers. Whether it's donuts, cakes, cookies, pies, brownies… you name it, Westco’s here for you.

Bakery Mixes:

Yeast Raised Donut Mixes & Bases
Cake Donut Mixes
Hi-Ratio Cake Mixes & Bases
Crème Cake Mixes
Specialty Cake Mixes

Fruit Fillings:

Apple Fillings
Raspberry Fillings
Cherry Fillings
Strawberry Fillings
Pineapple Fillings
Lemon Fillings
Blueberry Fillings
Peach Fillings
Apricot Fillings
Blackberry Fillings
Prune Fillings

Crèmes & Custards:

Bavarian Crème Fillings
Cream Cheese Fillings
Custard Powders


Buttercream Icings
Dipping Icings
Fudge Icings (RTU & Bases)
Fondant Icings
Specialty Icings


Donut Glazes
Pastry Glazes

Flavors & Colors:

Fruit-O® Concentrated Flavors
Flavors, Concentrates, Emulsions & Extracts
Bakers Colors


Confectioners Sugar
Coating Sugar

Dough Conditioners:

Dough Conditioners