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Authentic, Delicious, and Made with Pride.

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There's nothing like the breads of the homeland - authentic, delicious and made with pride. That is what the Trigal Dorado line is all about, offering you a complete line of authentic ingredients made just for you and your bakery. Only Trigal Dorado delivers the authentic flavors from the homeland, with the quality and consistency to help you grow your bakery.

Bakery Mixes:

Sweet Bread Mixes
Cake Mixes
Bread Mixes
Tortilla Mixes

Fruit Fillings:

Piña Fillings
Mango Fillings
Guava Fillings

Cremes & Custards:

Dulce de Leche (Cajeta) Filling


Whipped Toppings

Shortenings, Oils & Margarines:


Leavenings & Yeast:

Fresh Yeast




Yeast Raised Donuts (Thaw & Serve)

Baking Supplies:

Red Baking Cups
Concha Stamps


Rosca de Reyes - Citron
Rosca de Reyes - Figs
Rosca de Reyes - Plastic Babies