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Sprinkling the Joy into the Magical World of Baking.


Sprinkelina adds a colorful, shimmery flair to your creations. Available in a variety of sprinkles, pearls, glazes, and piping gels, Sprinkelina is the perfect complement to your creativity. Sprinkle them on cakes, donuts, brownies, cookies, tarts, pies, mousse desserts, puff pastries – anything you can imagine.

Glitter Glaze:

Clear (Neutral) Glitter Glaze
Colored (Flavored) Glitter Glazes

Piping Gels:

Clear Piping Gel
White Piping Gel
Colored Piping Gels

Twinkle Pearls:

White Pearls
Single Color Pearls
Chocolate Pearls


White Sprinkles
Single Color Sprinkles
Chocolate Sprinkles
Sprinkles Mixes
Seasonal Mixes