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Started in Missouri with a passion for wheat farming, Knoxbridge Mills® has grown to become a trusted brand for quality wheat flour to bakers nationwide. Knoxbridge Mills® flour comes from America’s finest wheat fields,bringing together the heritage and love of wheat farming and the passion for baking to deliver the industry’s finest wheat flour.Available in a wide range of protein levels and treatments, Knoxbridge Mills® flour helps to ensure your bakery delivers what your customers know and love - the finest bakery creations made only from the best ingredients available.

No matter the application, Knoxbridge Mills® has a flour that is the right fit for your bakery. Whether you’re making artisan crusty breads, soft breads and rolls, bagels, pizza crusts or cakes, muffins and pastries, Knoxbridge Mills® flour offers the strength and absorption that you expect.Trust Knoxbridge Mills® flour and you’ll see why bakers nationwide choose the quality, consistency and performance that Knoxbridge Mills® delivers.

Knoxbridge Mills® is distributed exclusively by BakeMark 

*Lady Ellen, Sno Prince, Springwell, Stallion, Steeplechase, Thorobread, Aguila, Bears, and Flaktex will still be available from BakeMark

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