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Taste & Variety, Plus Convenience.

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BakeQwik is your "baker's helper"! With a wide variety of traditional classic bakery items in the BakeQwik lineup, you can increase your variety without adding labor cost. It's so convenient, just thaw & serve or thaw & bake. BakeQwik brings you the classic everyday favorites to give you more time for your signature specialty creations that your customers demand. Imagine the possibilities!

Laminated Doughs:

Puff Pastry Sticks
Puff Pastry Filled Turnovers
Puff Pastry Bulk Dough (Squares, Sheets, Blocks, Slabs)
Danish Pastries
Danish Bulk Dough (Sheets, Blocks)
Croissants (Filled & Unfilled)
Croissant Bulk Dough (Triangles, Sheets)

Breads & Bagels: